Monday, 27 February 2012

Win a £10 NEXT Voucher

To celebrate reaching 250 fans over on my facebook page here I'm running a giveaway where one lucky fan will win a £10 NEXT voucher.
It's easy and free to enter, all you have to do is follow the link below. 

Good luck everyone :) The draw will end on Saturday the 3rd March

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Decorating... Yet Again!

18 months ago, hubby spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) creating a pretty pink Princess bedroom for the girls. When he had finished decorating it looked fantastic 

How I wish I could say that their room still looked this lovely. How I wish I could say that they looked after their room. But sadly I can't!!! 

Since DD2 learnt to write her name, she has enjoyed writing her name EVERYWHERE!!! The walls... the table... the sofa... the floor... and not one to miss out DD1 has decided it's fun to write on the walls herself, but craftily she has written her sisters name and not her own! Unfortunately for her, she wrote it too high and too neat for it actually to have been her sister who wrote it!

This is what their bedroom now looks like! (although I suppose I should tell her well done for writing 1-40 correctly with no help!)

I'm at my wits end... Seriously I've had enough. All I want is a nice looking house but everywhere I go, literally, I see a scribble on the wall. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've punished them, taken away privileges, thrown I don't know how many pens and crayons away, grounded them, banned them from the computer or games console. You name it I've tried it, yet STILL they draw on the walls.

I keep telling myself that one day, in the not to distant future, I will look fondly at this and wish they were still little and still drawing on the wall, but for now I just have to take a deep breath and reach for the paint brush AGAIN!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Secret Addiction

I have a secret... and it's a very embarrassing secret... but it's not my secret addiction, it's my youngest daughters!

DD3 aka The Baby is addicted to... crisps!!!

As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she will ask for crisps (potato chips). After eating her breakfast, she wants some crisps. Mid morning snack, "Crisps please mummy". Lunchtime, would you like a sandwich? No crisps! Afternoon snack... yep you guessed it crisps followed by another packet of crisps! Dinner... can I skip it and go straight to the crisps! Time for bed, no I can't go yet I want some crisps!!!

So as you can see, she would live off crisps if we let her. As soon as she's eaten one packet of crisps, she want's another!

Wouldn't you like an orange instead? No! CRISPS!!! 

If you refuse her crisps, she's lays on the floor screaming and kicking with her feet!

So I've got to be cruel to be kind. I have to cut off her supply and stop enabling her in her addiction to crisps.

So if you're looking for me, you'll find me a quivering wreck trying to hide from the tantruming 2yr old.

Silent Sunday 26-02-2012

Silent Sunday

Friday, 24 February 2012

Hands Free Reins Review

As a busy mum of 4, it can be hard to walk down the street with all the children as you only have two pairs of hands and too many to hold. 

When you first have a baby it's easy as they're content to sit in the pushchair and watch the world go by... but as they become a toddler then their independence starts to show and they no longer what to be confined to a pushchair but off and walking... or rather running!!!

Baby reins or leashes as they're called in America are a personal choice. Some parents refuse to use them and think they're nasty horrible things, but is it fair to force a child to hold your hand when they can barely reach it and make them walk a long distance with their hand high up in the air?

Yet usually baby reins aren't much better. The harness goes around the chest, like the harness on a pushchair, and then the parents have a short loop to hold. These look more like reins that horses use, and I wonder if that's where they gained the name baby reins instead or leash as you are guiding your child where they are going. 

But whilst the usual reins are good, and can be very helpful as they help teach the child about the world and let them use their independence whilst keeping them safe from traffic and harm, they also mean that you have your hands tied up holding the child. I also found that my children didn't like those reins as they had little room to move and they would pull their legs up and be left dangling from the reins. Another problem would be if you had older children or shopping to carry it could be very difficult because your hands were tied up with the reins leaving you no free hands to do anything.

But now there is a new product on the market and it is FANTASTIC!!!

Meet the Kool Kangaroos Boomerein  - The UK's only hands free child reins.

These are so easy and simple to use and I'm amazed that no one has come up with the idea before!!!

Each of you wear a belt around the waist and there's a retractable rein which clips easily between you but connects or disconnects whether you need it or not, so you can leave the child with the belt on and just connect it when you need it! It even works if you have more than one children as you can attach more than one retractable clip to the parents belt!

My 2yr old is very independent, which as the youngest of 4 isn't surprising! She loves to copy her older brother and sisters and I usually have to pin her in place whilst I try and strap her into the buggy! 

Yet with the Boomerein, she was able to follow her siblings freely, whilst thanks to the  Boomerein she couldn't stray too far and she stayed safe. She was also a lot happier walking with the  Boomerein compared to traditional baby reins or being forced to  hold my hand, especially as I'm tall.

For the past few days whilst walking to school, my older daughters have been able to hold my hands for the first time in over 2yrs and my eldest daughter told me she loved being able to hold my hand at long last!!!

Wherever I went wearing the  Boomerein, it gathered a lot of interest with quite a few mothers saying they thought it was a brilliant idea and asking where they could get one!!! 

The Boomerein costs £15.95 and is only available from the  Boomerein Website, but I would recommend it 100% and if I didn't have one already I would certainly buy one!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

A lovely lady whose blog I follow at Mummy From The Heart listed a bloghop today called R2BC (Reasons to be cheerful) and I decided to join in. 

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Why am I cheerful, what am I grateful for?

1. In the midst of a recession, where jobs are sparse, hubby managed to find a full-time job. Especially in an area where seasonal or part-time jobs are the norm.

2. That I have some fantastic friends who I know will always be there for me and that our children are all friends as well. In fact the baby and I are off to a playdate soon with all of them.

3. That after the panic of losing my son last week (see Missing Child) I found him safe and well and that he had an awesome time on his first school trip (see Growing up too fast)

4. That DD2's operation was a success and that she can hear properly now (see The Happy Patient) shown by the fact when DD1 starts shouting DD2 puts her hands over her ears!

5. That my new blog, Really Rachel, is taking off and that I've had some lovely comments especially as my blog is only a month old!

So now its your turn... Write a cheery post saying what is making you happy, cheerful or grateful right now. Link it up using the code below and have a look at some of the other blogs and share the love! Leave a comment here and I'll come over and visit you as well to say Hi!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Day

For pancake day this year, the children all helped me make pancakes and then enjoyed them with some ice cream.

I also came across these wonderful pancakes created by Jim with a Star Wars theme

AT-AT Walker

Millennium Falcon

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Growing up too fast

It's scary how quickly our babies grow up! They don't stay tiny for long and before long you have to let them grow and learn to use their wings ready for the day they fly from the nest!

Yesterday DS went on his first overnight school trip. He was so excited to be going that he would have packed his bags a fortnight before he even went if he had been allowed!

I stayed behind at the school to wave him off

He said he had a wonderful time and even tried canoeing. His only complaint was that he only went for one night and he wished he could have stayed longer!

The Breastfeeding Meme

My friend and fellow extended breastfeeding mother, synchronizationofus, posted this fun meme and I decided I would join in as well.

1. Why did you choose breast over bottle?
I knew as a child my mum had breastfed me and everyone knows that breast is best and I was determined I would breastfeed my eldest. So sure in fact that I didn't buy any bottles or formula... but it didn't work out and the sense of failure I felt was incredible. I managed a week with him, but he refused to latch when my milk came in and that was that. He screamed all night because he was hungry and I had no formula so as soon as the shops were open we bought some and from then on he was bottlefed. I tried several times the following day but he still refused to latch on and even my midwife couldn't get him too. I gave up even sooner with my 2nd... I spent 7hrs with her on the boob in the hospital, only for her then to down 3oz of formula. So by the time #3 arrived I decided to give it one more go, but I didn't hold much hope and I had started to believe that my breasts were too large and I would never breastfeed! But #3 and #4 proved me wrong as both took to breastfeeding really easy! #3 breastfed until she was 2yrs 8mths and #4 is still going strong at 2yrs 1mth

2. How long did you breastfeed or are you planning to breastfeed?
DD2 breastfed until she was 2yrs 8mths. By then I was heavily pregnant with #4 and wanted a break before the new baby arrived and I realised she wasn't having any breast when I was at work and was doing without it most days by then. She was ready to wean as she took it in her stride and in fact when she saw me breastfeeding #4 I asked her if she wanted some and her answer was "Yuck!" DD3 is still happily breastfeeding at 2yrs 1mth and I can't see her stopping anytime soon

3. What is the best thing about breastfeeding?
The bond between mother and child. Feeling your baby snuggle in your arms and knowing you are providing for that child in a way that no one else can.

4. Did you have to overcome challenges on your breastfeeding journey?
The biggest challenge I faced was when my milk came in as that was when my first refused to breastfeed anymore and caused problems with #3 and #4. Also because I have large breasts I had to change my hold when I nursed and ensure I didn't suffocate them.

5. Who supported you the most with breastfeeding?
By the time I had #3 I had discovered some really close online friends who were breastfeeding and one who was a breastfeeding counselor. They helped me with advice and support, even though we lived many miles apart, and also helped me not cave under the pressure of early weaning but to carry on past their 2nd birthdays. I have to thank my midwife with #3 who also helped me through the difficult patch when my milk came in.

6. How did you feel when you first breastfed in public?
Very nervous and uncomfortable. I kept waiting for someone to make a comment, but no one did thankfully. I refused to use the toilets as I don't agree with nursing babies being sent into disgusting and dirty toilets at all, I mean how would you feel if you were told to eat in there!!! At first I would go and sit in the car to nurse but then I refused to do that and would a corner of a cafe, even though nothing could be seen. 

7. Have you been questioned for breastfeeding? 
Not in the beginning, but once I passed their first birthday I started to get the usual comments and "You're STILL breastfeeding???" Even my doctor mentioned that maybe I should think about weaning her, but why should I? If it's OK for formula companies to promote formula for the over 1s why is it unnatural to still be breastfeeding at that age? Not to mention that breastfeeding is helping my sugar levels as I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes whilst pregnant with #4 and it returned last year as type-2 diabetes

8. Has breastfeeding made you feel different about your body?
Not really no, but I know the fact that I'm still nursing #4 is helping my diabetes.

9. What do you wish you had known before making the decision to breastfeed your baby?
Make the most of sleep!!! #4 still doesn't sleep the night through and uses the breast for comfort, wanting to nurse most of the night, which means I don't get much sleep as it's difficult to sleep when you have a baby on the breast!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Nightmare Journey

So on Friday we decided to go out for the day on the train and do some clothes shopping for the kids. One of the joys of living in a rural area is that we have a long journey to go anywhere to buy anything. 

DD1 refused point blank to come with us, last time we went anywhere hubby was late for the train (it came in early) and she was going hysterical thinking he was going to miss the train, and then when we had to wait 15mins at another station he jumped out for a cigarette and again she was hysterical in case he missed the train. He didn't miss it either times, but she was so upset she refuses to go on the train at all!

So I arranged for her to stay overnight at Nannies and the rest of us got up early to catch the 6am train. We got on the train with about 10 minutes before it left and hubby decided he HAD to go buy some cigarettes, even though he couldn't smoke on the train. Suddenly, before hubby had returned, the doors shut. I quickly jumped up and banged on the drivers door and said hubby wasn't there yet and quickly looked out the door... the barriers were down and no sign of hubby so we quickly got off the train. Of course by the time we got off the train hubby was by the barriers but on the wrong side! So the train left without us and my heart sank as I realised I'd left the pushchair on the train!

We waited for an hour for the next train. Usually they're every 2hrs but they had one an hour later which was a school train but didn't go all the way to where we wanted to go and meant we had an hours wait where we changed trains. Luckily the guard of the next train was able to phone the guard of the first train and arranged for our pushchair to meet us at the changeover station!

I posted on facebook that we'd had to get off the train and a lot of my friends said they wouldn't have gotten off the train but then how was that fair on me? Regardless of the fact hubby had the money and the railcard, it also meant I would have to deal with 3 children on the entire journey whereas he would follow behind all nice and relaxed with no children!!!

When we got to the other station where we had another hour wait we had a bacon butty and then let the kids run around the waiting room having a singing and dancing session.

Finally we made it on the train and we were off, but the train was quickly filling up. We found a seat and then hubby came back and said there was a table further down so we moved to it... unfortunately somewhere along the way DS left his coat behind!!! 

Finally 6hrs after we tried to catch the first train, we made it where we wanted to go, 2hrs late!!!

On the way home, for the first half an hour hubby had to stand and I had both girls on my knees because the train was so busy, but slowly it emptied out and we had more room. DD2 was quite happy and just watched Superted on her Innotab, whilst DS played on his DSi. The baby wasn't quite as happy as she wanted to run around and couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed!!!

Finally we arrived home at 8pm, after leaving the house at 6am. Tired and skint and remembering why we said we'd never go by train again LOL

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Driving Me Crazy!!!

Can you pass the UK Theory Driving Test?
16yrs ago I was lucky enough to pass my driving test a month before they released the Theory test. It was my 2nd attempt and thankfully as I passed I didn't have to take the test. If I had failed however, the chances of me being able to resit my test before the deadline, due to a waiting list, was slim and I would have had to sit the theory first! 

My "theory" on the actual test was being shown a few signs and having to explain what the signs meant!

One of my best friends passed her theory test on Friday, on her first attempt, and it made me wonder... If I had to sit a theory test, with 16yrs of driving behind me which includes driving in Lisbon (the capital of Portugal and on the wrong side of the road) as well as numerous motorways, would I actually pass the test???

I didn't revise and took the test... and I PASSED!!! I scored 44 out of 50 (the pass limit is 43 out 50). Some of the questions I got wrong was because the laws on speed limits whilst towing a trailer had changed (and I had that question twice LOL)

Why don't you have a go at the Car Theory Test and see how well you do. Don't forget to come back and post your scores 

It's All About Me!!!

So my friend over at Missing Sleep has again tagged me in a post. This time she wants to know all about ME!!!

The Rules:
*. You must post these rules
*. Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog
*. Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
*. Choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post
*. Let each blogger know you’ve tagged them

My questions:

1. Which is worse? Hairy back, bad breath or distrusting eyes?
I would say distrusting eyes. I hate people who have creepy looking eyes. Hairy backs don't bother me at all... Hubby has one but sometimes makes me shave it for him if we go swimming!!!

2. Marmite, love or hate?
Urgh... yuck... I HATE Marmite with a passion!!!

3. Do you own any tartan in your wardrobe?
Nope. My wardrobe is very boring and consists of jeans and t-shirts

4. What do you hope your children will gain from having you as a parent?
My faith and belief in God and my my caring heart learning that it's better to be nicer to someone than make them cry. 

5. When did you last cry?
Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 when Dobby dies. Even though I knew it was coming from the books. 

6. What is your favourite mummy moment?
When my kids come up to give me a hug and a kiss and tell me they love me I'm the bestest

7. Best sandwich filler?
Tuna mayo and sweetcorn

8.  Do you collect anything?
Not at the moment. I would like to collect Willow Tree figurines but so far I only have one!!! Over the years I've collected all sorts... rubbers (erasers), Kinder Surprise toys, Dolphins, Porcelin dolls etc

9. Have you ever drunk a cup of tea through a kit kat/twix?
Didn't even know that was possible!!!

10.  Do you have a tattoo?
Nope. Been tempted a couple of times though and hubby does

11. What’s under your bed?
The carpet and probably a few dust bunnies

Now I tag my followers to answer these questions...

  1. Star Trek or Star Wars?
  2.  Tea or Coffee?
  3. What's the best thing about being a parent?
  4. What's the worst thing about being a parent?
  5. What would you like your children to learn from having you as a parent?
  6. Do you have a tattoo and if so what is it?
  7. How would you describe your fashion style?
  8. Do you have any piercings?
  9. When did you last get drunk?
  10. Summer or Winter?
  11. How would you describe your parenting style?

Silent Sunday 19-02-12

Silent Sunday mocha beanie mummy

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Playing 20 Questions

My good friend and the one who encouraged me to start a blog, Missing Sleep, has tagged me in a post for Typecast for the CLIC Sargent Do Something Yummy Awareness Raising Campaign.

This week is week 3 - Getting Together - where you choose from one of these prompts and blog about it.

  1. Personal Post When was the last time you got together with a group of friends? Tell us about it.
  2. Yummy Post. Yummy Mummy Week is all about getting together with other parents to raise money for CLIC Sargent. Tell us why getting together with other parents is important to you.
  3. Creative Post. Tell us how you are surviving the half term holidays! Or for the vloggers out there, get the kids involved. Interview them using these questions
I decided to go with interviewing the children and since I couldn't decide between the 3 older ones I decided to interview them all. It would be interesting to see how their answers differ! DS is 8, DD1 is 6 and DD2 is 5.

1. What is something mummy always says to you?
DS: Go clean your bedroom! - True I do say it a lot!
DD1: Tidy up - Yep I say that one a lot as well
DD2: Will you go to sleep! - This one too. Guess they know me well!!!

2. What makes mummy happy?
DS: Surprises - Who doesn't like surprises
DD1: When we behave - Yep that's always nice but doesn't happen often
DD2: Kisses - I LOVE my hugs and kisses

3. What makes mummy sad?
DS: Me getting lost - Earlier today he didn't come straight home and he realises now how upset I was (see Missing Child)
DD1: Not listening to mummy - Yep I hate having to keep repeating myself
DD2: When we don't tidy up - Yep this one too

4. How does your mummy make you laugh?
DS: By tickling me - Yep always guaranteed to make them all laugh and even better still because I'm not ticklish
DD1: Tickling me
DD2: Tickling me

5. What was your mummy like as a child?
DS: No idea - Hmm guess it's time for more stories of when I was a child
DD1: Friendly and nice - Lovely answer, dunno if my friends would've agreed though
DD2: Shy - Yep, definitely shy. Just like DD2

6. How old is your mummy?
DS: 34 - For my sins
DD1: 34
DD2: 34

7. How tall is your mummy?
DS: 10ft - I guess to a child I am really tall!!! I'm only 6ft though really
DD1: Nearly to the roof - Not quite 
DD2: Bigger than daddy - Yep I am taller than daddy

8. What is her favourite thing to do?
DS: Play on the PS3 - A surprising one this I thought he'd say computer.
DD1: Play on the computer - Yep I'd agree with this one
DD2: Painting - Dunno where this one has come from, unless you count matchstick men as art!

9. What does your mummy do when you're not around?
DS: Play on the PS3 - I never get chance to go on the PS3
DD1: Play on the PS3 - Again the PS3 but can't remember last time I went on it
DD2: Play on the computer - Yep this is more like it

10. If your mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?
DS: The Best Mother Ever - Aww and no I didn't bribe him!!!
DD1: For letting me do whatever I want to do
DD2: I don't know

11. What is your mummy really good at?
DS: Playing on the computer - Probably all the time I spend on it
DD1: Playing on The Sims 3 Pets on the PS3
DD2: Playing on the computer

12. What is your mummy not very good at?
DS: Keeping quiet - this was probably because I was asking the questions when he was watching a movie!!!
DD1: Not shouting all the time
DD2: Nothing

13. What does your mummy do for her job?
DS: Works for Tesco - Every little helps
DD1: Tesco
DD2: Tesco

14. What is your mummy's favourite food?
DS: Shepherds Pie - Only because they don't like my favourite!!!
DD1: Spaghetti
DD2: Chocolate - That's more like it

15. What makes you proud of your mummy?
DS: Because she looks after me - Aww
DD1: Because she's the best mummy ever
DD2: Looking after me when I went to hospital - See The Happy Patient

16. If your mummy were a cartoon character, which one would she be?
DS: Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10) - I wish with her figure, youth and powers!
DD1: Ruby in Max and Ruby - The bossiness probably
DD2: Rapunzel in Tangled - Must be the hair

17. What do you and your mummy do together?
DS: Play on the PS2 or PS3 - Must try and make more time to do this with him
DD1: Baking cakes
DD2: Making cakes

18. How are you and mummy the same?
DS: We've both got the same brain (smart) - Yep
DD1: We both like playing on the PS3
DD2: We've both got long hair

19. How are you and your mummy different?
DS: Mummy has neater handwriting than me - I try
DD1: Our voices are different
DD2: Mummy's big I'm little

20. How do you know your mummy loves you?
DS: Because if she didn't love me she'd let me wander off and not care about me - A lovely answer
DD1: Because she has a nice heart
DD2: Lots of hugs and kisses

And now I am tagging my friend Laura at Synchronizationofus to carry it on 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Embarrassing Outfits

Welcome to my first post for "The Gallery" hosted by Sticky Fingers. A chance to share a photo based on a theme that might otherwise have never seen the light of day. 

This weeks theme is "Embarrassing Outfits" and being a child of the late 70s, 80s and early 90s I have too many to choose from!!!

Here is one from when I was about 8 and I lived in track suits... thankfully no photos survive of the trackie's replacement the Shell Suit cos yes... I had one of those as well!!! 

This next one is from my 18th Birthday Party... Why did no one tell me how hideous I looked??? <hangs head in shame> I guess the only good thing you can say is my blouse matches my cheeks!!! And to think I thought I looked good!!!

Now I have shared my embarrassment with you, it's your turn!!! Visit other posters, comment, get inspired. This virtual gallery of photographs is about enjoying other's work, so go make someone's day. 

The link stays open until Tuesday so you have plenty of time to join in and absolutely ANYONE can join in!

Missing Child

Over half term DS, who is 9 next month, has been going to a fun club at the local leisure centre. He goes 10am-12pm and then 1pm-3pm and because we only live a short distance away and because he needs to start learning independance and freedom, we started letting him walk there and back on his own under the rule he comes straight home

Today, 12.10pm arrived and there was still no sign of DS and I began to get worried. I phoned the leisure centre and found out he left at 12 and I began to get worried. Luckily my dad was here so I was left the girls with him and went out looking for him. Typically because my phone was on charge I didn't have it on me and I couldn't put a mayday out on facebook! 

There was no sign of him and I began to get worried. All sorts of horrible thoughts come into your mind and I was close to tears. Where was my missing son???

Walking past a man with a dog who was pushing a child's scooter I started at the scooter knowing my son had taken his with him. Was it his??? No, it wasn't.

I saw some boys jumping off the promenade wall onto the beach so I rushed over, was one of them my son??? But no... I didn't recognise any of them and he wasn't with them.

I'd been inside one amusement arcade and was about to walk past another when I saw a child's scooter at the door. It wasn't my son's scooter but perhaps he had gone in there with a friend.

I had a quick look around but couldn't see him and was just about to leave when I spotted his scooter leaning against one of the machines. I grabbed it and my heart began to race... Why was his scooter here? Had something happened to him? Had someone grabbed him?

Then... I looked around a different machine and saw him!!! He was quickly feeding one of the machine's with 2p coins and had his back to me. My heart rejoiced! I had found my son and he was safe!!! 

Of course, now came the hard part... the discipline as he needs to know that he can't wander off when he feels like it and he has to come straight home. So now he is grounded from funclub for the rest of the week and has to work hard to earn his school trip next week.

As for me, I think I deserve a glass of wine to get over the shock!!! Once hubby gets home from work that is!

Family Stories - Teenage Crushes

In honour of Valentine's Day yesterday here is part 5 of Family Stories.

I still remember the first "proper" Valentine's card I gave and received. I won't embarrass the boy in question but I was in my first year at secondary school and he dumped me shortly afterwards for my friend after dumping another friend for me!!! Oh the trials of being an 11yr old in love LOL

The first famous person I had posters of around my room, I doubt many people will remember. In 1985 a TV series named Street Hawk was launched (Knight Rider but with a motorbike). Sadly it only ran for one series and 13 episodes but as an 8yr old I thought Rex Smith who played Jessie Mach was HOT
Rex Smith as Jessie Mach in Street Hawk 1985
Next was Billy Warlock who played Eddie Kramer in the first season of Baywatch which launched in 1989. I remember being thrilled his birthday was the day before mine and that year, aged 12, I sent him a birthday card!!! I wonder if I ever got it LOL

Billy Warlock as Eddie Kramer in Baywatch 1989

After that it was Dean Cain who played Clark Kent/Superman in Lois and Clark, the New Advenures of Superman which ran from 1993-1997

Dean Cain as Superman/Clark Kent 
Finally after watching the movie Double Impact, I fell for Jean-Claude Van Damme and he shared the wall with Dean Cain. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Impact

One thing I notice from listing these childhood crushes... I seem to like the short guys!!!! Quite appropriate really since my hubby is a full head shorter than I am LOL

If you want to join in this bloghop then you can use the Linky tool (link below) to enter your memories into the fray. You can even grab the code too (follow the link) and attach it to your Blog entry and pay it forward!!!

Please visit the other blogs on the list and leave a comment or two - it makes everyone's day!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers. I hope you all had a lovely day and were spoilt!!! 

Even though Valentine's Day is becoming more and more commercial it's still nice to get something 

Hubby surprised me with some perfume and some pyjama's before he had to dash off to work and I got him some smellies, a new t-shirt and a mug to keep his cuppa warm for longer! 

Last year we were just getting over a very difficult period in our marriage and he surprised me with a big bunch of flowers and a balloon in the cafe where I was having a cuppa with my friends after dropping the kids off at school!!!

Of course not one not ones to miss out, DS insisted on getting one for his "girlfriend" and DD1 got one for her "boyfriend". DD2 didn't want to miss out so she got one for daddy

Then for a special tea time treat, DS and DD1 helped me make daddy a homemade shepherd's pie which he enjoyed. 

How did you all spend your Valentine's Day? Did you celebrate it or do you not agree with the commercialism of it?

Don't forget that tonight is your last chance to enter our Valentine's Giveaway

Family Series - School Photos

With 2 children my mum didn't get many of our class photos, and as a mum of 4 I can appreciate why as it can get quite expensive. We did buy their first year class photos and my mum bought mine as well.

Ightenhill Primary School, Nursery class. 1980

I'm the one in the front middle in the red, back when I was in nursery and lived in Lancashire. It was taken in November 1980 and I was 3. I only attended Ightenhill for one year in nursery before moving to a different school closer to our house which didn't have a nursery class. 3 years later we moved to Wales when I was 6. I couldn't name any of the other children in the picture, although I would LOVE to know who they were and whether anyone actually remembers me. 

Family Stories

One of the wonderful things about a blog, is the ability to pass the stories and memories down to our children and grandchildren and the story behind the picture. 
Me with my granddad aged 8. 
One of the biggest regrets I have is that I didn't have the chance to sit down with my grandparents and discuss their childhoods and early married life. I know that my granddad drove a tank in WWII and my nan was a Wren, but that's all I know! Shortly after my great uncle (my granddad's brother) past away his partner sent us a newspaper cutting about my great uncle's part of the war, and how he was lost at sea for 88 days with a gunshot wound to his head after his ship was sank by the Japanese and then finally finding land he spent the rest of the war as a POW. As a child I just wondered why he walked like he was still on a boat, I didn't know he'd been tortured!

I also started researching my family tree and found it fascinating, but again I wished my grandparents were still alive as I have so many questions, especially for my granddad who found out when he was in his 70s he was actually born in Canada! 

So my children can learn a little about me and my children when I was growing up I was thrilled to find out about the bloghop at Life's a Journey

Eventually I'll be able to put all my posts in order, but since a lot of my childhood photos are at my parents it won't be until I get there to go through them.

Week 1 is My Earliest Photo (Coming soon)
Week 2 School Photo
Week 3 Earliest Writing (Coming soon)
Week 4 Bestest Friends (Coming soon)
Week 5 Teenage Crushes 
Week 6 First Movie Memories (Coming soon)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Something I love

I am sharing an image of something I love with Love All Blogs and Albelli.

I love ALL my children, but this picture I took recently of my eldest two just makes me smile every time I see it.