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Welcome to the life and times of Really Rachel!!!

My name is Rachel I live in rural Wales with my husband and our 4 children. DS aged 9 and our 3 DDs aged 7, 6 and 3 and we are currently expecting our 5th child, due summer 2013. At the moment we don't have any pets, but we will once the baby gets older. However the children have the enjoyment of their grandparents dog, whenever they feel the need to socialise with a dog. 

We also have one major thing in common. All of us; DH, DS and our DDs and me... our names all begin with the letter R, which can be quite confusing at times believe me and means trying to find a name for the new baby, should it be a girl, almost impossible!

I started blogging in January 2012 as a way to remember the fun times we've spent as a family and a way to capture our memories for all to see; the good, the bad and the just plain ugly! Because every moment molds you into the person and the family you become!

I'm an extended breastfeeding mother. I breastfed both DD2 and DD3 until they were 2yrs 8mths old and I plan to breastfeed the new baby for the same amount of time. 

Speech and communication is important in my family (See Speech Therapy). DD1 has been diagnosed with a Speech and Language Impairment (SLI) as she struggles to form certain sounds and to find the correct word to use even though she knows the answer. She has been attending Speech Therapy since she was 3 and has made a lot of improvement, although she still has a way to go. DD2 also has speech problems. She has learnt to overcome the Selective Mutism she suffered when she was younger due to her extreme shyness, and in the last few months she has made a great improvement and will now happily talk in front of other people after 3 years of being too shy to say anything. Recently we discovered DD2 was suffering from glue ear and following an operation to have grommets in her ears and her adenoids out (See The Happy Patient) we're hoping that her speech will start to clear quickly now that she can hear the correct pronunciation of sounds. 

We enjoy spending time as a family together, going for walks, playing on the games consoles or computers, swimming, playing on the beach, visiting family and parks, camping, days out etc. I also enjoy playing on the computer, reading books and watching TV and movies (although with 4 young children we don't get to the cinema as often as we'd like and usually have to wait for DVD releases) and hubby is a big sport and watches most of them on TV (much to the kids disgust) and is a big supporter of Manchester United!!! DS and I are big Doctor Who fans and often snuggle together to watch it whilst hubby puts the girls to bed!

I also enjoy spending time with my small circle of friends, who are also mummies, and we enjoy getting together in the morning for a cuppa and having playdates together with our younger children during school time and having large playdates at the park or on the beach during the summer holidays. They all know me as the one to go for to find bargains and to save money and for advice on different things.

I have recently started reviewing items because with the different ages of my children and the experience we have of being a large family it helps to share the experience and knowledge we've gained through trail and error. So if you have anything you would like us to review or a product you would like us to try then you can email me

So pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and enjoy the chaos that my life has become since having children and read all about the 2 big and 4 little "Pains in the R's"!!!

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